Why focus on Data? Data is important from both its promise for the future and past contributions.  Promise for the future in that, used correctly Data can help predict the future. As past contribution it can show the history of steps, actions taken and results. The Financial Statements, in particular the Income Statement is a trailing indicator.  A company needs financial information that is more timely, relevant and predictive.  A company needs:

  • Financial Data because these numbers matter.  But it's needed in a format that is relevant and helps predict future results.
  • Operational Data for the key metrics in every area of the company.  Driving change happens where people work.  People need to know their numbers, daily, so they can improve.

Everyone Has a Number

  • Numbers cut through subjective communication between manager and direct reports.
  • Numbers create accountability.
  • Numbers are appreciated by accountable people.
  • Numbers create clarity and commitment.
  • Numbers create competition.
  • Numbers produce results.
  • Numbers create teamwork.
  • Numbers help you solve problems faster.
People & Plan



A players hire A players because they want the best team.

B players hire C players because they don't want to be pushed.

C players don't care because they're not going to do the work anyway.

Hire the right People.  Evaluate everyone based upon their core values to the company's.  The right People are the ones who share your company's core values.

Set goals and objectives that are specific, measurable and attainable.  Review quarterly to ensure they are on track.

Attach an incentive plan to reward performance.


Successful companies have a Plan.

  1. Develop your Plan.  What you want to accomplish in the next 12 months.
  2. Review the Plan with your management team.  Make them a part of the process.
  3. Convert your Plan into a budget.
    1. Make sure your team has the Data needed in a timely manner that helps them meet the Plan and budget.
    2. Hold your People accountable to the Plan and budget.
    3. The effectiveness of your People accomplishing the Plan comes from regular accountability and pertinent Data delivered on a consistent basis and a rewards system that aligns everything.
Accountant w laptop & calculator


Many times companies are unable to afford or don't have the need for full time person with the skills required.  Other times there's a gap from when one leaves and another is hired.  infocus can fill those needs with highly skilled fractional or interim personnel:

  • CFO or Controller services.  infocus has CPA's with 20+ years experience for companies from $5M in revenue to $850M.
  • Bookkeeping services.  Qualified professionals that have experience in a variety of software platforms.
  • infocus can also provide personnel for special projects, audit preparation or to simply fill in a gap.



Why Choose Us

  • Receive usable information = long-term benefits
  • Receive fact-based Data = accurate decision making
  • Receive organizational accountability = everyone committed to same goal
  • Receive timelier reporting = greater agility
  • Receive competitive advantage = greater profitability

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